Assisted with technical difficulties and provided quick and comprehensive solutions to customers from different technical backgrounds. Communicated with 30+ costumers daily, receiving approximately 11,000 tickets a year via phone and face to face, for providing technical problems and ensuring customer satisfaction at 3,000+ organization. My customer service and technical abilities increased loyalty and respect between my customers and staff, resulting in lasting, productive relationships and trust.

I oversaw on average 20 front desk student workers, and served as student mentor by conducting team building programs and performance management. Together we worked with them to provide the support they needed to increase their efficiency and effectiveness by creating onboarding and team-building programs. With the help of the student team and their insight from weekly meetings I worked on training and resource development that improved the overall department performance and workplace satisfaction, as the students were heard, and their opinions and insights were the main tools.

Also, as part of knowledge documentation management, I created 40 and revised 75 technical documentation article with Team Dynamix software, operated by students, faculty, and staff for self-help purposes. Also, I worked with other team members on developing internal process documentation utilizing Team Dynamix for increasing productivity of 10 member team.