Assisting Resident Director with building operations and managing 13 Resident Advisors on my team. Serving as a support on the team, providing mentorship and team bonding through collaboration with Resident Director.

As Resident Advisor I’m enforcing University and Residence Life rules and regulations to promote a safe, orderly and enjoyable living environment, at residence hall floor of 40 ethnically diverse undergraduate students.

Also, I’m part of the advisory board presenting my staff, bringing current issues and new innovative ideas to the leadership team from Office of Student Leaving. Working on projects with the team of other Resident Advisors on the board to come up with strategies and implementation plan for new changes in policies and operation of all OSL staff.

One of the latest project was developing process and adjusting training for new resident advisors for onboarding.  Assisting with in-hall training and other simulations for hands on experience.