Assisting organizations with digital transformation and cyber security implementation for better and more secure customer service.

My intent is to continue assisting growing organizations helping them integrate technology and social media platforms with strategic and planned communication skills.

Graduate studies in Information Management at Syracuse University have equipped me to assist people and organizations interface technology safely and efficiently, allowing positively impact through technology.

I am an experienced Information Security Analyst and Information Technology Technician focused on customer and classroom support, as well as information security currently at Syracuse University. As Information Security Analyst with Taconic Bioscience this year, I worked on cybersecurity awareness exercises, identifying possible human errors and creating training for preventing future social engineering tactics.

In my previous role as a Technical Support Specialist for Hobart and William Smith Colleges helped me build character as an employee, co-worker, and be a resource for students and faculty within higher education. I assisted with technical difficulties and provide quick and comprehensive solutions to customers with a range of different technical skills and diverse ethical backgrounds. 

Throughout undergraduate and graduate school, I held numerous jobs such as resident assistant and student study mentor, in which I was a resource assisting many with their college life and academics. I have enjoyed the productive relationships and trust built with my co-workers and clients over the last 7 years.

Rowing has been a special part of my life since I was thirteen and now I row for pleasure and fitness. I gained discipline, persistence, endurance, fighting spirit, teamwork, companionship and many friendships around the world.

I competed in pairs and quads at many international competitions around Europe. I was an international recruit to Varsity rowing at Hobart College, winning numerous gold medals at regional and national regattas in United States. I thoroughly understand the dynamics and benefits of teamwork and thrive as part of a motivated team.  


I like spending time in nature and capture all the wonderful moments of beauty with my camera. I have been doing sport and nature photography since I was in high school. My primary focus is landscape photography.

Downhill skiing, snowbording and ice scating connects me with the beauty of snow-covered alpine slopes. When I go skiing, my entire universe just becomes myself, the mountain, and one or two ski buddies. Nothing else matters.