Asset Manager Tool

Technical Specialist (Oct 2020- Mar 2021)

Collaborated with three team members on creating technical documentation for using Webcheckout asset management tool and inventory all of departmental assets.

First part of the project was focused on organizing equipment inventory for 400+ assets, and retrieving 50+ overdue loan assets, using Microsoft Excel.

Second part was updating the Webcheckout platform with current assets and organizing assets based on model, location and equipment needs for easier and faster inventory and lookup.

Third part of the project focused on collecting all information and documentation on platforms usage. We modified and designed documentation articles for easier future use.

This project helped IT department to better track future assets and their management. Also, through this project I was able to recover over 50+ overdue laptops, cameras and other assets.

Student Manager handbook

Technical Specialist (April 2021- May 2021)

As part of my offboarding process, I created documentation on best practices for managing student workers.

To accomplish this I utilized different resources, including personal experience and student team insight.

With the help of the student team and their insights from our weekly meetings, I worked on creating training and resource documentation which improved the overall department performance and workplace satisfaction.

As a result, a coworker that took over the student manager position, was able to successfully complete daily processes and procedures and take over leading the student team. The creation of onboarding and team-building programs increased the department efficiency and overall team satisfaction.

Knowledge Based Articles

Technical Specialist (Jan 2021- May 2021)

Created 40 and revised 75 technical documentation articles with Team Dynamix software, operated by students, faculty, and staff for self-help purposes.

In collaboration with two other coworkers, we identified knowledge-based articles that needed revision, as well as new ones for processes and procedures that haven’t yet been documented. Knowledge-based articles for external members such as faculty, staff, and students, were designed with step-by-step process followed with visual guide.

Internal documentation articles contained detailed information and processes which helped with onboarding new workers and providing continuous training.

This project helped with creating technical and knowledge documents for easier, efficient, and consistent technical support across whole IT department.

Additionally, this project set foundation for future technical documentation and knowledge management process.