Storage organization

Student Technology Consultant

Organizing service desk and storage room for easier asset management and cleaner look of the space.

I started with inventorying all assets and equipment to prioritize what needed to stay at the service desk for loaning purposes as well as troubleshooting. After identifying equipment and designated space, I worked on labeling for easier track of equipment and assets.

Through this project, I was able to identify and replace a missing and damaged equipment, ensuring smooth operations of the classroom and meeting faculty and student’s needs.

Server Room Decommissioning

Student Technology Consultant (Sep 2022- Present)

Collaborating with another coworker on decommissioning 20 server racks.

As department is moving to Microsoft Azure, we are working on securely wiping storage drives and decommissioning hardware.

Currently we are in the process of erasing all data with killdisk software, using US DoD 5220.22-M three pass erase method.